Ilke is dancing in the new production of dance company tout petit called DRRRAAI (3+), a dance performance about circles and circular movements.


Photo: Kurt van der Elst

Villa wenkelbrauw.jpeg

Photo: Kopland

Villa Wenkelbrauw

Ilke is one of the performers in 'Villa Wenkelbrauw', a performance by the company Kopland under the direction of Christiaan Mariman. 
Villa Wenkelbrauw (8+) is a figure theatre performance about an old and left behind building. 



Photo: Jassy Earl

Happy Feet 

After she took part in the Push+ Home lab in Ediburgh, Ilke was selected together with Els Roobroeck, Mette Møller Overgaard and Vince Virr to research more about the topic home. They worked together in a residency in Het Lab from CC Hasselt and at Scenekunstbrucket in Oslo. 

Lampionaio 2.jpg

Photo: Rudi Schuerwegen


Ilke performed  together with Pietro Chiarenza, Marco Migliavacca and Alice Erlanger 'Lampionaio' (3+) for the company Sprookjes Enzo. Lampionaio is a magical and interactive performance with circus, dance and theatre for young audiences. 


Photo: Olympe Tits

Als alles kan, kan niets kapot

Ilke performed 'Als alles kan, kan niets kapot' as a second cast for the company Kopseer, a production with music, dance and theatre for young audiences (8+).
She was seen in this performance in the cultural centers of Halle, Brasschaat, Roeselare, Knokke, Peer, Temse, Lebbeke and Brugge.

home lab.jpg

Photo: Jassy Earl

Push + Home lab

Ilke was one of the three selected Belgian artists who took part in the Push+ Home Lab, a project of Creative Europe. Together with 15 artists from Norway, Denmark, Scotland, Ireland and Belgium she researched the topic home in Edinburgh.  


Photo: Emilie Jacomet


Ilke played as a second cast in the performance 'licht!'. It is a dance performance about light for children aged 3 and older from the company tout petit. She performed this production in the cultural centers of Lanaken and Geel. 


Photo: Rudi Schuerwegen


In 2016-2017 Ilke performed an already existing role as a dancer in the performance 'Sneeuw!', playing all around Belgium for two seasons. It is a dance and theatre performance from the company Sprookjes Enzo for children aged 1 until 3 years old. 


Photo: Kassel

Schots en Scheef

Ilke performed 'Schots en scheef' (3+) as a second cast for the company tout petit. She performed this piece in Gent, Vienna (AT), Lausanne (CH), Linkebeek, Meise, Halle, Maastricht (NL), Kassel (DE), Peer, Eeklo, Geel and Heusden-Zolder. 

Kom mee, Leon!.jpg

Photo: Ciska Vanhoyland

Kom mee, Leon!

Ilke performed as a second cast in the performance 'Kom mee, Leon!' from the dance company tout petit. She played this performance at the Spinrag Festival in Kortrijk and in Zwevelgem and Hasselt. 


Photo: Rudi Schuerwegen

De Tuin

Ilke met the company Sprookjes Enzo replacing a dancing role in De Tuin (2015). This is a dance and theatre production for children from 1 until 3 years old, which she played for two months in Belgium.